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Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System sad12

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System*

Free installation and Government-backed**

The Victorian, New South Wales, and Federal Governments are committed to helping families reduce their energy bills. With the help of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) and the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Federal Government’s RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) which allow us to replace your inadequate electric water heater with a modern high-efficiency hot water system that is heavily discounted prices.

We will replace your current electric water heater with the energy-efficient Heating Pump water heater. The Electrician and Plumber costs for installation are included in the price.

As part of The New South Wales energy savings scheme (ESS), the household is required to contribute a minimal amount of no less than $33 towards the installation cost.

Save over $1,000 every year on electricity bills

Your hot water system can assist you in saving money on energy costs

The heat pump system for hot water could reduce your expenses by more than 1000 dollars per year in electricity bills as compared to an ordinary electronic hot-water system. If you are using the same quantity of hot water both before and after the new system is in place, you could reduce 70% the expense of producing hot water. In a home with 5 persons, using 180 milliliters of hot water each day could amount to $1000 per year in energy costs!*

Heat pumps are the most efficient and economical water heaters – Get a hot water system upgrade today!

  • Our range of heat pumps utilizes innovative renewable energy technology to draw energy from the air surrounding that surrounds the unit. The unit then converts that energy to create hot water. The method for energy production ensures that the heat pump doesn’t need to depend on traditional gas as well as direct sun to supply hot water to your business or home.

    The normal heating techniques for water in the electrical water heater may be inefficient. But, a heat pump uses only electricity to run the compressor, and not to warm the water. The energy for heating is derived from the air. This allows for an efficiency of as high as 350 percent or more.

Reduce greenhouse emissions

Hot water systems with heat pumps are carbon-neutral with a footprint of around 70 percent when you compare them with conventional electric resistance systems for hot water.

Professional and free hot water system installation

  • Heating system hot water heat pump installation requires an electrician with a license and a plumber to carry out the installation correctly. They will replace and set up your brand-new system of hot water in the exact location as your current system for absolutely no cost. When the installation is complete you will be supplied with:



    Energy Safe Victoria – Certificate of Electrical Safety.



    Victorian Building Authority – Compliance Certificate.

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System australia vic tas 1


New South Wales Fair Trading – Compliance Certificate of Electrical Works.

New South Wales Fair Trading – Compliance Certificate for Plumbing and Drainage.

The New South Wales government’s Energy Saving Scheme requires a minimum contribution from the customer of $33 for each home.

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System asd

One size doesn't fit every person.

  • The requirements for hot water vary between families and we’ve got you met.

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System low

How do heat pumps make water hot?

1. Draws surrounding air:A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator.
2. Turns air into gas:The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant into a hot gas.
3. Heats water with gas:The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the coil-wrapped tank.
4. Produces hot water:The refrigerant reverts to a liquid after heating the water and continues to the evaporator for the process to start again.
  • The procedure is similar to that which runs your fridge air conditioner, reverse cycle AC ( also known as a heat pump). If you have a reverse-cycle air conditioner that operates in the winter months, it’s drawing heat from the air outside and pumping it into the home. That’s exactly what a heating pump is doing with water heating. It absorbs the heat of the air and utilizes it to warm your hot water.

Hot water is available all hours of the day

  • Whatever the weather it is possible to enjoy continuous and immediate hot water 24/7. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your brand new hot-water system is more efficient in energy use and will provide the hot water that you require and is used to.

Benefits of a heat pump hot water system

  • A 70% savings on energy is also an increase of 70% in your pocket. A family of five will save $1000 per year. *

  • Eco-Friendly Savings, CFC Renewable energy, free of CFC. The air is filtered out. You can cut your energy consumption by as much as 70 percent. Helping to save our planet and your pocketbook.

  • Japanese (Toshiba) Compressor to provide quiet, trouble-free operation.

  • With a large operating temperature range, the heat pump was specifically designed specifically for Australian conditions. It operates in an ambient temperature range of -7°C up to +40°C.

  • GOVERNMENT APPROVED - Fully endorsed by Victoria's Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program and the NSW Government's Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) that will save you thousands each year.

Only the highest products of the highest quality.

  • Our products have been approved by the government to be installed in the Federal, Victorian, and New South Wales energy efficiency programs. Our products have all been tested thoroughly so that you can be sure that you’ll continue to enjoy hot water on demand for a small fraction of the cost, provided through a brand-new system that is fully installed.

  • The new heater will continue to provide affordable hot water even in temperatures below zero, and it will not stop until the sun sets. The type of heat source that is installed will depend on the requirements of your system and the area of your current system. To get a no-cost water heater installation please contact us now!

    *Annual energy bills are based on a house with the specified average daily consumption of hot water. Electricity tariffs are calculated based on the general (or high) cost which is 26.16c/kWh, and an off-peak rate of 17.93c/kWh. The energy tariffs do not contain any discounts for payment on time and don’t contain the supply fee.

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The Ecogenica 215F / 290F

👍🏽 7 year warranty on tank
👍🏽 5 year warranty on compressor
👍🏽 Free Rebate Processing
👍🏽 Free concrete slab if required
👍🏽 Free tempering valve if required
👍🏽 Free pressure limiting valve if required
👍🏽 Free duo valve if required
👍🏽 Free delivery
👍🏽 Free pickup of old tank
🚫 No extra charges or hidden fees!

Reasons to Upgrade:

Our heat pump is the most efficient on the market, with a COP of 5. This means it is 5 times more efficient than old electric resistance hot water systems. Here are some of the most common reasons our customers choose to upgrade:

💰 Your tank is old or about to break and it needs replacement.
⛽️ Your tank is new but inefficient
🤑 You want to drastically reduce your hot water bill by up to 81% 
🌏 You want to reduce your burden on the environment
😭 Your water is not hot enough
🤴 You want a system with the best warranty and best efficiency in the scheme. You deserve it. 
💀 You want a free system worth $5030. 

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