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There’s no catch! Government rebates are offered when power-hungry, inefficient appliances are replaced by certified, energy-efficient options. They use less energy to supply the same quantity of warm water (no more cold showers) ,!!) and they are excellent for the environment, as they reduce tension from the grid.

The $99 fee covers the cost of the application to be assessed. In all installations that are standard, in which the electric hot-water system is situated outside and your switchboard does not need an upgrade (to include an electrical circuit breaker) there is no cost. In the case of more complicated installations that require the system to be moved (from inside the home or within an area on the roof), there might be charges related to the move, but these are usually determined prior to the installation process so that you won’t be surprised. Our team of experts is more than willing to discuss your specific circumstance.

A heat-pump water heater uses significantly less energy than an electric water heater. This is because it requires electricity to power the compressor and fan, not electricity to warm the water directly using electricity as the main elemeant.

A heat pump utilizes electricity to power the compressor and fan, in contrast to an electrical resistance water heater which utilizes electricity to directly warm the water. The heat pump can transfer a larger quantity of energy in the air surrounding it towards the water making it extremely efficient.

We currently serve every part of the Greater Sydney area and east coast area. Please make an application now and we’ll contact you to let you know when we’ll be in your area!

Rebates are also available for gas and solar HWS upgrades, please refer to “this” page for further details Gas upgrades.

No problem, our technical team can assist to determine what type of system you have. Contact us via the registration form.

1. Enter your information on the contact form found on the homepage.

2. A member of our team will call to verify your information and your eligibility for the no-cost installation and answer any questions you might have. We will then set the date and time of the installation.

3. Begin to save money every time you shower!

Yes. If you have an enclosed space with airflow and at least 25m^3 of volume, we are able to install a 200l smart lifestyle unit for only $199.

“Yes, all of our installers are fully qualified accredited certificate providers under the NSW energy saving scheme”

Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) in this list can create energy savings certificates from the listed activities under the Energy Savings Scheme. Where available, we link to the ACP’s website as they may be able to provide energy efficiency activities to you. You should carefully consider quotes, proposals and agreements with ACPs in the same way you would consider any other contract for work being conducted at your property.

list of all ACPs is also available in TESSA (this list includes both current and cancelled ACPs and the calculation method).

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