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Choosing a system based on your water usage

A question that I often get is “Will I have enough hot water for my household?”. The answer is not as simple as a yes or no. It totally depends on your family’s water usage! If in a household of 5, everyone has an 100l bath every day, obviously a single system will not be enough. 

There’s a neat calculator at the end to calculate water usage for your family. But a general rule of thumb is that a single Ecogenica 215F heat is good for 5-6 people, while two is suitable for 10-12 people. This is based on typical usage for a 5 adults living together. 

The number one error people make is that they assume their heat pump must be the same size as their current hot water system. This assumption is usually false. 

Most of the hot water systems we replace are off-peak systems. They are designed to work much differently to heat pumps. Off-peak systems must have a very large capacity of hot water because they only heat up once a day (from 10pm-7am). They heat up as much hot water as will be throughout the day.

Heat pumps meanwhile are smaller, but are able to run 24/7. (We usually take the system off of off-peak). 

Some people are concerned that by switching away from off-peak, they will negate the cost saving benefits of a heat pump. This is not so. You will still experience about a 60% reduction in your hot water bill if you’re swapping from off-peak electric to a 24/7 heat pump. 

Price Comparison of an electric off-peak system versus a 24/7 heat pump

But back to the main point. Will this be enough for my household?

The Ecogenica 215F operates 24/7 and has a much faster recovery rate than a traditional hot water system. In fact, if usage is spaced out adequately, our system can provide over 460 litres of hot water per day! That’s more than any off-peak electric water system.

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We find that a very good rule of thumb is that the Ecogenica 215F is suitable for 5-6 people, and the combined 430 litre system is suitable for up to 10-12 people. 

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