Emerald Heat Pump Review

Emerald Heat Pump Review The The Ultimate Guide to the Emerald Heat Pump All You Should Know 1. Efficiency at its finest With a SEER rating of up to 19. The Emerald heat pump system is among the most efficient options for energy efficiency available. This means it is able to transform electricity into heat at a […]

Smart Lifestyle Heat Pump Review

Smart Lifestyle Review Revolutionizing Comfort: The Smart Lifestyle Heat Pump This Smart Lifestyle heat pump is an innovative heating and cooling system that comes with a variety of modern features that can increase the comfort of your home and increase energy efficiency. With a built-in humidifier and air purifier this heating system is an absolute game changer […]


FREE LED UPGRADE Start Saving on Energy Costs! Upgrade your old Mercury CFL, Incandescent& Halogen to LED Lights LED Globe Replacement 6.5W only1000 Lumens35,000+ hours lifetime3000K Warm White colou Outdoor LED Replacement 12W1150 Lumens36,000+ hours lifetime3000K Warm White colour LED Downlight Replacement 4.25W480 LumensUp to 50,000 hours lifetime3000K Warm White colour Free LED Lighting Installation […]

Does a Solar Water Heater Truly Save You Money

Does a Solar Water Heater Truly Save you Money Due to the increasing cost of energy in Australian People are always searching for other ways to generate electricity to heat water in their homes. The most reliable, secure, and economical way to create warm water for your household is by using the solar water heater. Solar […]

What Is a Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heater?

The need for heat in homes is growing and new heating technology is being developed to meet this need. However, they are not all can provide the right solutions. Vacuum tube water heaters are one of the best solar heaters available on the market. This innovative heating technology can meet the requirements of users for heating. What is […]

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System

Save over $1,000 every year by upgrading your Hot Water System* Free installation and Government-backed** The Victorian, New South Wales, and Federal Governments are committed to helping families reduce their energy bills. With the help of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU) and the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Federal Government’s RECs […]

NSW How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

A lot of people have made the shift from conventional heating systems that use fuel and electrical water heaters to heating water with heat pumps since it’s one of the most efficient, energy and efficient methods for heating up water. Let’s find out how heat pumps operate and why they are currently the most effective water […]

Is The Most Efficient Hot Water System A Solar PV Powered Heat Pump?

If you’re looking for an efficient system for solar hot water, the solar panels that power the heating pump are not easy to beat. Although each of the panels and heat pumps needs to perform at a high level the two can surpass the solar hot water method which is generally considered the most effective method. An average heat pump system […]

Demystifying heat pump water heaters

There’s a lot of water heater inertia in our area. We remain with old-fashioned heaters. I’ve been thinking about it. Mid-peninsula residents are quick to adopt all sorts of clean technology, such as solar panels, electric vehicles as well as LED lights, smart thermostats, and more. We care about the climate crisis and we’re determined to contribute particularly […]


The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) is an Australian Federal Government-run scheme to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources. Through the scheme, you will be able to benefit from incentives in the form of small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), in the event that you decide to switch to renewable energy from traditional electrical or gas hot […]