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Emerald Heat Pump

Emerald Heat Pump: Energy-Efficient and Reliable Solutions

Optional built-in electric heater as backup

Max. water output temperature: 60°C

Automatic startup and shutdown

Four-way valve for automatic defrosting

Emerald 200L Heat Pump Services - LeWater NSW AU

EcoEfficient: Emerald Heat Pumps - The Ultimate Solution for Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling

Emerald 200L Heat Pump Services - LeWater NSW AU


Upgrade to Emerald Energy’s hot water heat pumps for an energy-efficient and hassle-free hot water experience all year round. Say goodbye to structural load on your roof with our heat pumps, which work seamlessly with your existing plumbing and electrical connections. Need an extra boost? Our heat pumps come with an optional built-in electric heater to provide hot water on demand. Upgrade now and enjoy a better hot water experience.

Emerald Heat Pumps - The Solution for Efficient Temperature Control

Large Water Tank Design and High Temperature Water for Optimal Performance

Simultaneous use at multiple points during peak consumption thanks to the large volume design of 200L and 300L

Function to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria

Disinfection temperature 60~75oC
Unit without electric heater:
maximum disinfection temperature 65oC
Unit with electric heater:
maximum disinfection temperature 75oC
Two disinfection modes are available:
Periodicity automatically disinfect
Manually disinfect


Blue Diamond Enamel Technology for a smooth and clean surface that prevents dirt adhesion, ensuring a more hygienic tank over time.


The split system design of the heat pump separates the water tank and outer unit, connecting them through two refrigerant pipes. The standard piping length provided is 1m, suitable for most residential installations. For commercial applications, longer piping lengths can be accommodated with a maximum of 20m and 10m difference in height. An additional refrigerant charge of 20g/m may be required for piping lengths exceeding 10m.

Emerald 200L Heat Pump Services - LeWater NSW AU

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