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What rebates are offered when installing the hot water heat pump device within South Australia?

How many rebates are there for hot-water heat pumps?

Based on where you reside within South Australia certain rebates are available if you own an electric hot water heat pump device installed by Adelaide Heat Pumps.

In South Australia we can offer the following rebates available to you:

  • STC’s up to $1150 rebate
  • REPS up to $900 rebate
  • The City of Adelaide heat pump rebates up to $1000 in rebate

In many cases, the rebates can be combined to provide even greater savings. For instance, if you own the Reclaim Energy heating system, you can get an STC rebate of up to $1150. If eligible, you could also get a rebate of $834 to give you an overall savings of $1984 off


Do Adelaide Heat Pumps handle the rebates on my behalf?

Yes, we can provide a discount upfront on the installation and supply of the heating system in exchange for you transferring our STCs. We also assist in obtaining any other available rebates.

What’s the definition of an STC?

Small-scale technology certificates (also known as STCs are a tradeable commodity that can be used to purchase suitable installation of energy-efficient renewable systems (including solar panels solar water heaters, solar water heaters, as well as a heat pump).

In the SRES, which is a small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) If you install a qualified system, you can get a specific number of STCs.

How much is the value of an STC value?

The price for an STC is contingent upon the demand and supply of STCs. Therefore, the value may fluctuate between days. They typically range between $32 and $36 each.

What number of STCs will the hot water heat pump system have?

There are a variety of STCs in each zone that are dependent on AS/NZS standards or methodologies that change. To confirm the current STC numbers in our range of heat pumps, contact us, or go to our Australian Government Office of Clean Energy Regulator website. STCs are subject to the requirements for eligibility and eligibility.

Heating pump heat rebates from REPS

The Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) is the latest model of the REES scheme. It is a South Australian Government energy efficiency initiative that offers incentives to South Australian households and businesses to conserve energy. It achieves this by setting goals for energy efficiency as well as audits to be achieved by the gas and electricity providers. We offer to Reclaim Energy hot water heat Pumps installed within South Australia, via a retrofit approach to replace an electric hot water system even if gas isn’t associated with the home.

Because of how REPS operates for the rest of the calendar year 2022, we will only be able to provide REPS rebates to prioritized groups. The Ministry of Energy and Mining defines a priority group household as a residence space wherein the person lives who:

  • is the Commonwealth Government pensioner concession card
  • is a TPI Gold Repatriation Health Card
  • is a War Widows Gold Repatriation Health Card
  • is the Gold Repatriation Health Card (EDA)
  • is the Health Care Card (including a low-income Health Care Card)
  • The government of South Australia has received an offer from South Australian government energy bill concession
  • There is a residential tenancy agreement with the landlord of the premises. the rent for the space is less than $400 per week.
  • is actively taking part in a hardship program for energy retailers program.
  • Participates actively in the energy retailer’s payment plan (offered and regulated as per article 50 of National Energy Retail Law)
  • Received a referral from a participant of the South Australian Financial Counsellors Association (SAFCA).

City of Adelaide heat pump rebates

If you reside inside Adelaide, in the City of Adelaide you may be eligible for additional rebates that you can use in conjunction with STC rebates. STC rebate to lower the cost of your heating pump system. Eligible properties may be eligible for the following upgrade rebates:

1. 25% of the installed cost with a max amount of $1,000 for Upgrade to a heat pump-powered solar, heat Pump hot water system, or installing a new heat pump hot water system in upcoming development.

More details are available on the City of Lewater website here

System for Hot Water Eligibility:

  • Find out more information on how hot water systems may require development approval (D.A.). If you require the D.A., Council will reduce costs. Contact the Development Assessment team during office hours at 8203-7185 to discuss installation options.
  • Hot water systems have to be suitable to participate in the Australian Government Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to be eligible for the establishment STCs. (STCs).


  • Hot water systems are part of the building base or the common property of multi-story office buildings

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