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NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate


It is a benefit that the NSW government provides rebates on installing hot water systems which could help you cut down on your energy bills. This rebate is available to eligible households and businesses. NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate is offered to eligible households as well as companies that already have an electrical hot water heater.

If you’re in search of an opportunity to cut down on your energy consumption then this NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate could be the perfect solution! This rebate is available to businesses and households with existing gas or electric Heat pump water systems. The rebate can assist in covering the costs of installing a heating system that is a new Heat Pump hot water unit. If you’re considering switching to a more efficient and energy-efficient model or just want to benefit from the rebates offered the rebate could be the right choice for you!

Save thousands of dollars with the Federal and state rebates that are available!

The NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate is a fantastic method to cut down on the cost of energy, as well as cut down on heating bills.


How much can be saved by updating to an energy-efficient hot water system?

It’s always a good idea to cut down on your energy use However, do you know that you’ll still be able to experience exactly the same water pressure that you’re accustomed to, all while saving as much as half of the electric cost?

For a more accurate cost-saving analysis, click the button below to make a booking with one of our residential Hot Water System experts.

Before you reach out to us, make note of the dimensions/liters of the current heater in order for us to use the information in order to process your booking and provide you with a confirmation date for installation. Then, we can perform a quick calculation to figure out the amount you’ll reduce your electricity bill.





Get Your Heat Pump Hot Water Installation from LeWaters  and Save on Your Energy Bills


Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy costs? Take advantage of your hot water heater installation with LeWaters and start having lower energy bills today. They are a reliable method to heat water and aid in saving money on your energy costs. Our team of experts will help you select the best heater for your house, and install it easily and quickly. We also provide a wide range of other energy-efficiency solutions that can assist you in making your home as energy efficient as possible. Contact us today for more about our offerings as well as how we could assist you in saving the cost of your energy bill. Check Your Eligibility


The NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate: How It Works


LeWaters is a combination of rebates, the Federal STC Rebate, and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme Rebate (ESCs). In combining both rebates, we can provide the latest Heat Pump Hot Water System for just $33. It is actually a co-payment that the buyer must pay in order in order to receive the rebate offered by the state.

In order to be eligible, households are required to have already installed Electric Hot Water System or an existing Gas Hot Water System they will also require to be situated outside.

The NSW Government has committed $500 million to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as help homeowners save money on their energy costs. The scheme offers incentives to homeowners and businesses for investing in energy-saving measures to lower their energy consumption.

If you want to know if you’re eligible, please submit the form in the box below. One of our staff members will contact you.

NSW Government Hot Water System Rebate Chromagen


Utilize the energy that is free from the atmosphere to heat your water with the innovative Midea heat pump made by Chromagen. Its sustainable energy water heating technology requires as little energy and is up to 65 percent less than a conventional water heater, while also providing constant hot water the throughout the day and evening. The unit is designed for quick and simple installation. It is ideal for replacing hot water heaters that are stored in electric units and are a fantastic option to replace solar hot water because roof-top panels aren’t required.

I have an electric outdoor unit, sign me up!

The Ecogenica 215F / 290F

👍🏽 7 year warranty on tank
👍🏽 5 year warranty on compressor
👍🏽 Free Rebate Processing
👍🏽 Free concrete slab if required
👍🏽 Free tempering valve if required
👍🏽 Free pressure limiting valve if required
👍🏽 Free duo valve if required
👍🏽 Free delivery
👍🏽 Free pickup of old tank
🚫 No extra charges or hidden fees!

Reasons to Upgrade:

Our heat pump is the most efficient on the market, with a COP of 5. This means it is 5 times more efficient than old electric resistance hot water systems. Here are some of the most common reasons our customers choose to upgrade:

💰 Your tank is old or about to break and it needs replacement.
⛽️ Your tank is new but inefficient
🤑 You want to drastically reduce your hot water bill by up to 81% 
🌏 You want to reduce your burden on the environment
😭 Your water is not hot enough
🤴 You want a system with the best warranty and best efficiency in the scheme. You deserve it. 
💀 You want a free system worth $5030. 

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