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There are many reasons for periodic maintenance and inspections of your water heater but the primary reason is security.

Every now and then we hear of hazardous situations that result from a blow-up, bursting, or on-fire heating system.


The hot water system is ruined and the burning causes Deakin to evacuation

One instance reported on the 26th of February by The Canberra Times was titled “Burnt out hot water system leads to Deakin evacuation”.

The emergency erupted and the two-story building located on Campion Street in Deakin became full of smoke, requiring the complete evacuation of employees working within the building. According to The Canberra Times, the firefighters who arrived at the site to handle the situation early on Tuesday morning claimed: “a burnt-out hot water system on the ground floor was responsible”. The source of the information is here. Read the full story here.

Fortunately, there weren’t any injuries as a result of the incident but significant damage did occur to the building and the operation of the business during the time. The incident serves as an excellent reminder of the necessity of making sure that your hot water system is regularly checked and in the case of commercial property, more often.

The requirement for a consistent hot water system maintenance

The electric hot water system have to be maintained regularly in order to stop any unintentional danger that could lead. This should be carried out by a fully certified and reliable hot water specialist company that has the backing of major hot water makers. A specialist firm will also have its employees fully educated regularly by these same makers.

One illustration of a hot water specialist firm includes Anytime Hot Water, who are supported by organizations like Best Energy Saving Heat Pumps  for instance, to name two. In actual fact, Anytime Hot Water has been awarded the Rheem Award for the last two years, winning the prestigious award both in 2013 and 2014. They also were the first to join the Dux Solar Institute, built some time ago. With this kind of support and education from the top manufacturers, they’re updated with all the major problems that could arise and the various parts that require checking.

The most dangerous scenario is a burned heating element or hot water separation device causing the building to catch fire similar to what happened in Canberra on the 26th of February 2015 (mentioned in the previous paragraph) or a ruptured pipeline connection or water heater, causing an uncontrollable flood in the area. The consequences of a fire could be fatal or, at a minimum, hazardous and destructive to the property. Floods in a home can result in expensive repairs, destruction of essential household items , and cause a lot of disruption to one’s daily routine.

Hot water experts business is therefore required to be called on a regular basis to examine for electrical connections in the water heater that heats the water, heating electrical components and wiring in the hot water tank, as well as the isolation switch located on the switchboard. Other tests that should be conducted include the examination of the valves in the system, which include nonreturn isolation valves as well as pressure-limiting valves. tempering valve, and the pressure relief valve. Also, checks may be performed on the pipeline connections and pressure.

The regular inspections satisfy safety requirements, but will also extend the lifespan that the tank will last and the hot water faucets across the property. With proper maintenance, you are sure to squeeze an extra few years from the tank, saving hundreds, if not thousand of dollars.

Regular servicing of hot water heaters that are gas-powered

The information above pertaining to electric water heaters can be applied in the majority of cases to gas systems too. However, other safety concerns which apply to heating systems for hot water are gas in fact, related to gas in itself. The most likely scenario is an explosion that results from the leak of gas of any kind.

Explosions can cause fatal results or, at minimum, destructive results. Nobody wants to see that occur, therefore it is essential to ensure regular maintenance of their gas system is scheduled. The person who does the servicing must be a gas fitter licensed to ensure that he has the required backing.

Furthermore, a hot water specialist company is ideal to handle the servicing due they are familiar with and have instruction on the various kinds of gas-powered units available.

In the end, it’s essential that homeowners as well as owners of commercial properties have regular checks and servicing done on their hot water heaters. In this way, it can help to maintain the water heater as well as reduce the risk of costly accidents happening. It could even help save someone’s life.

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