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We’ve all experienced it: you step into the shower, looking at a rejuvenatingly hot bath only to realize that the water that flows out of your faucet is freezing cold.

It can be a hassle and annoying, particularly when it occurs frequently. However, don’t fret – there are many typical causes of this problem We’ll assist you to find the root of the problem and then the best way to address it.

Why is Your Hot Water Isn’t Working?

In the event of no water, it is a bit complicated and frustrating – after all, how could be it you know that the water heater isn’t functioning?

Here are a few things you could take a look at:

What Kind of Water Heater Do You Have?

There are three primary kinds of water heaters that are the most popular across Australia. Of obviously, these three aren’t the only types that exist. There are other types, but when you live in a home it’s more likely that the one you have will fall into any of the three types. Here are the three categories:

  1. Traditional gas heater with tank
  2. Tankless on-demand heater
  3. Electric heater with tank

If you’re experiencing the hot water not working the first thing to do is determine what kind or model of water heater is in use. This is the first step in understanding the reason it’s not functioning correctly.


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You don’t have hot water in your traditional tank gas heater

If you like many people, use an old-fashioned tank gas heater you might have noticed that when you want hot water, there’s no flowing from your taps.

The traditional kind of water heater utilizes gas to warm water which is kept in tanks until it’s needed. After you’ve used all the tank’s water the tank needs to be filled before it is heated. This means you’ll have to sit it out.

If you continue to have there is no hot water no matter how many times the tank was filled (and the water has been reheated) Here are three things to look for:

Gas Leak Look for the pilot light. If it’s lit, you likely have a gas leak. Call a professional to repair it.

  1. water leak: Look under your sink for signs of water damage such as water spots or discoloration on the flooring surrounding the heater. If you notice any signs of leakage, contact an emergency plumber!

Broken Heating Elements If there’s not any sign of water damage but you are still unable to get warm water to flow out of your heater, look for indications of corrosion on heating elements within the unit. They could need to be replaced!

You don’t have hot water in your Tankless On-Demand System

If you own an engine that is powered by gas make sure you be sure to check the gas supply as well as the pilot igniter and any other pertinent features however since there is no tank, everything that is related to it can be left unchecked.

If it’s an electric heater Check for damaged or loose wires components. If you own an electric water heater that has electricity, the element could be insufficient to fit in the dimensions of your house and could cause issues if it is required to be used for prolonged durations. It may be necessary to upgrade to a bigger element or switch it to an electric tankless unit instead.

There isn’t any hot water in your Electric Tank Heater

The hot water system makes use of gas instead of electricity in order to warm the water inside the tank. These water heaters are mainly in smaller models because the use of electricity in place of gas is significantly more costly.

At present, this type is a hot water heating system. It could have a number of typical issues we typically encounter in gas heaters. Therefore it must be inspected in the same manner as gas heaters.

If you’re experiencing the absence of boiling water in the electric tank heater, there are a few things to ask that will help you pinpoint the reason:

Has Anyone Used All The Hot Water?

This is among the main causes of this problem. When there’s a high need for hot water it may cause the heater to run out of fuel and then turning off.

Is the Thermostat At The Right Level?

When your thermostat’s temperature isn’t sufficient, then it won’t turn off until it has reached its minimum temperature setting. This can result in prolonged periods of time where there’s no hot water on hand.


Lewater HeatPump

Do You Have A Water Leak?

If there’s a leak in the piping or plumbing system, it could cause issues with the hot water supply and also cost you money and energy.

Beware of the Most Common Mistakes and when to seek expert Assistance

It’s frustrating and difficult whenever your water heater malfunctions or stops functioning. However, if you’re not certain of the cause you should contact an expert electrician or plumber to identify the issue. By doing a bit of research and a little planning, you can avoid a lot of common errors that result in systems breaking down (such as leaks, builds or leaks) before they happen.

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