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Selecting the Best and Most cost-effective DUX Hot water heater

Dux is a renowned manufacturer of hot water systems, as they’ve been in the business since 1915. Their DUX hot water heater line of products comes with the assurance of their reliability and is best suitable for the constantly changing temperatures in Australia. Dux Hot Water Systems Dux Hot Water Systems features some of the most effective and cost-effective water heaters.

Dux is a broad supplier of hot water heating systems. Their offerings include solar, gas, and electric system that is boosted, and heating pump units. Additionally, you can find storage systems and hot water heaters that are Dux.

The most efficient hot water heaters from Dux include:

Dux Condensing/Continuous Flow – the Company’s condensing continuous flow system is one of the smallest domestic condensing heaters in the market. It is well-known for its energy efficiency, with a rating in the range of 6.7 stars.

This second heat exchanger comes with the latest technology, with 90 percent thermal efficiency.

Dux Non-Condensing/Continuous Flow – The highly efficient and compact hot water heater is available in three different sizes: 17 L/min, 21 L/min, and 26 L/min. There’s always a solution that can satisfy all your needs for water heating. The system operates using LPG as well as natural gas and offers a continuous hot water supply on a 24-hour basis.

Dux Sunpro Gas Boosted as well as Solar Heating The highly efficient, reliable, and efficient hot water heater supplies users with warm water 24 hours a day on a basis. It has a capacity of 315 liters, which is ideal for homes that have 2 to 6 people. It is a split-system model and is equipped with Dux gas and a solar booster that can help with low-light seasons.

Dux Sunpro Electric Boosted Solar Heater It has a 250-400-liter capacity, which is ideal for homes that have 2-7 persons. It is a split design that allows solar panels to be placed on the roof, and the storage tanks to be placed on the floor below. This allows installing a flawless installation that doesn’t need reinforcement of the roof.

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump The most award-winning pump in its field because of its efficiency is the ideal choice if your home is not suitable for solar panel installation. It’s next to solar systems with regards to being green.

Dux Prodigy Gas storage Heaters The heaters for storage with gas come in two types that include Dux Prodigy/4 gas storage and five gas storage. The collection includes a patent-pending damper which is designed to greatly lessen the effects of loss of heat. The Prodigy doesn’t require the use of power points.

Dux Proflo-Electric Storage Heating – The collection offers the ideal alternative to conventional high energy-consuming electric heaters. The selection is extensive with units ranging from 25 to 400 liters for any home size.


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