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In many homes, the water heater is among the most energy-intensive appliances therefore if you’re looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills The hot water heater can be a good starting point.

However, before you simply turn down the thermostat on your heater by a few degrees, you need to consider a few essential aspects you need to be aware of.

In the case of a temperature drop, if the temperature you choose to set is too low, the water will be too cold to kill bacteria, and the tank may become a breeding area.

How Low Can Temperatures What is the lowest temperature that temperatures can

As a quick answer, we can say 50 degrees Celcius. For the majority of new water heaters, this is the standard temperature setting. It’s also the temperature setting that is recommended.

At temperatures of 50 degrees, dangerous pathogens, such as those that are responsible for Legionnaires’ illness, can be eliminated or prevented from multiplying further. If the temperatures are higher however the higher the likelihood is that these pathogens will be eliminated completely. This is why some organizations, like those of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) suggest the use of 60Β° Celcius for water heater temperatures.

If everybody in your household, but is healthy in their immune system, 50 degrees are considered to be safe at an acceptable minimum. It is safer to go with an upper temperature, such as close to 60 degrees, especially when someone in your home is afflicted by an immune system that is weak. It is also possible to raise the temperature to 60 if your dishwasher is unable to not produce heat on its own.

How Do You Go? How High Is It? Scalding?

At a temperature of 60 degrees, Celcius water can be able to create third-degree burns in just five minutes. In addition, since it takes some time for hot water to get your your faucet or shower head it is impossible to know when the boiling water will reach you.

Children are more vulnerable to being burned by water due to having more skin that is thinner than adults. Senior sufferers are at greater risk due to being either slower or less capable of reacting to the water that is scalding.

There’s a solution to this issue of killing bacteria while avoiding scalding, for example, anti-scald valves.

The devices, when placed near their point of entry into hot water, can ensure that the water you drink from the tap is at just 50 degrees, while the water inside the tank is kept at 60.

If you have knowledge of plumbing as an amateur installing anti-scald valves might not be a major issue. But the difficulty of this job will vary depending on the configuration of your plumbing. even the most proficient of plumbers might need to contact an experienced plumber to finish the task in the right way.

What do you think about Energy Efficiency?

The reduction of energy consumption and its cost, are both crucial however, safeguarding your family against illnesses due to bacteria is more vital.

However, it is still possible to cut down on the use of hot water without changing your thermostat.

  • Reduce how much hot water you consume by taking shorter showers. Also, utilize the dishwasher instead of hand washing which is known to make use of more water.
  • Insulate your pipes as well as the hot water tank. You can purchase pre-cut pieces that are easy to install on your own.
  • Renew your heater for hot water. Water heaters are typically used for 8-12 years if they are maintained properly. In poor conditions or with poor maintenance, water heaters may be less efficient. If you do decide to buy one new, search for one with an energy STAR label.

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Reasons to Upgrade:

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