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Gas Hot Water System

Gas Upgrades instant hot water

About Gas Hot
Water System

Gas Hot Water Systems burn gas to heat water, which creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions than utilizing electricity that is supplied by the grid. Gas hot water systems are either a gas storage heater or a continuously flowing / instantaneous heater.

The hot water heaters for storage in gas typically have a constantly burning pilot flame that will ignite a burner to warm the water inside the tank as needed. Typically, the system will include thermostats that instruct the system to turn on the heating of the tank’s water in the event that it is below a certain temperature.

A continuous-flowing gas hot water unit does not include a storage tank because it simply heats water using a gas burner that is activated when the hot water tap is switched on in the home. It just heats the quantity of water required instead of constantly heating an entire tank, meaning that it can provide huge savings on energy and expenses. Additionally, what is this for the customer is that by using a continuous flow system, you’ll never be unable to get hot water again.

For a detailed explanation of how all types of gas hot water systems work see here:

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