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Smart Lifestyle Heat Pump Review


This Smart Lifestyle heat pump comes with a complete 5 year warranty on the tank, compressor and parts. This is for the 200L and the 300L model. This makes the SLA heat pump one of the highest warranty systems available, matching systems like the Istore and Rheem, and beating systems like Chromagen and Evoheat.


It is worth noting that the single unit system designs typically do not have as high warranty as split systems, like the Ecogenica 215F.

Efficiency at its Finest: High COP Rating

One of the greatest features that are unique to the Smart Lifestyle heat pump is its energy efficiency. It is rated with a high COP of 4.1 for the 300L unit and 3.65 for the 200L unit. COP stands for coefficient of performance and it is a multiple of how much more heat output can be generated from a KwH of electricity. A COP of 4.1 means that the SLA300 is 4.1 times more efficient than an old electric system! 

You can expect to save money from swapping to an SLA heat pump, even if you current system is using off-peak electricity.

Ease of Use: Intuitive Interface and Electric boost

The Smart Lifestyle heat pump is extremely user-friendly. Its intuitive interface makes changing the temperature and setting time periods you’d like the system to run (a great idea if you have solar). The system even comes with an electric boost option which is perfect if you have a few guests over the recommend number of people. The electric boost will kick in and allow a faster rate of hot water recovery when it’s really needed!

Recommend System Sizes

We recommend a 200l system for households of 5 people or fewer, and a 300l system for householders with over 5 people. This might seem a little on the small side, but bear in mind, heat pumps work different to standard off-peak electric systems. Whenever hot water is drawn from the tank, the heat pump will activate to refill the heat pump. 

The systems are also very tall! The 200L system requires 2.4m of vertical space to install, while the 300L requires 2.2m of vertical space. Make sure you have enough space, or we recommend installing another unit or relocating your system.

An upgraded switchboard. Notice the RCBO switches for the hot water system? No upgrade required
This switchboard is old and definitely requires an upgrade.

Switchboard Requirements

When upgrading units to a smart lifestyle heat pump, we are unfortunately unable to offer a free switchboard upgrade. If you are looking for this, please head to lewater.au/ecogenica.

An old switchboard looks like the photo below. It contains ceramic fuses on the left which are very dangerous and are the source of many household fires. In fact, they have been banned from any new installations by the Australian government because they are so dangerous. So when we upgrade your hot water system we are legally required to upgrade the switches that your hot water system uses.

If your switchboard looks like this, chances are you will have to pay for getting a switchboard upgrade. If you are unhappy with this, we recommend going with the Ecogenica 215F, which is 30% more efficient and comes with a longer warranty and free heat pump upgrade for only $33. 

The Ultimate Heating and Cooling Solution: The Smart Lifestyle Heat Pump

In conclusion, the Smart Lifestyle heat pump is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-tech heating and cooling solution with advanced features and energy efficiency. With its smart control capabilities, an electric boost, and high-efficiency rating, this heat pump is sure to elevate your home’s comfort and help you save money on your energy bills. 

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The Ecogenica 215F / 290F

👍🏽 7 year warranty on tank
👍🏽 5 year warranty on compressor
👍🏽 Free Rebate Processing
👍🏽 Free concrete slab if required
👍🏽 Free tempering valve if required
👍🏽 Free pressure limiting valve if required
👍🏽 Free duo valve if required
👍🏽 Free delivery
👍🏽 Free pickup of old tank
🚫 No extra charges or hidden fees!

Reasons to Upgrade:

Our heat pump is the most efficient on the market, with a COP of 5. This means it is 5 times more efficient than old electric resistance hot water systems. Here are some of the most common reasons our customers choose to upgrade:

💰 Your tank is old or about to break and it needs replacement.
⛽️ Your tank is new but inefficient
🤑 You want to drastically reduce your hot water bill by up to 81% 
🌏 You want to reduce your burden on the environment
😭 Your water is not hot enough
🤴 You want a system with the best warranty and best efficiency in the scheme. You deserve it. 
💀 You want a free system worth $5030. 

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Make the smart choice.

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  1. My current system is a gas instantaneous one set up outdoors.
    My home is 20yrs. old, 4bedroom brick veneer & we are a 4 person household.
    I’m a pensioner & I’m interested in a 1 unit heat Pump. Cost with rebates for installation?

    1. Hey Patsy, please apply using one of our forms and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.

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