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Heat Pump Hot Water System

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About Heat Pump Hot
Water System

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems operate in a similar way to an air conditioner split system using hot air from the surroundings and using it to warm water. They run on electricity, however, they are assisted by a fan which circulates over the gas through refrigerant that is used to aid in heating the water, decreasing the amount of electricity needed by as much as 74% in order to generate the equivalent amount of heat as conventional electric storage systems.

However, for certain South Australian consumers, this may not necessarily translate into savings in terms of money. Because of their lower use of electricity and their dependence on temperature, many manufacturers suggest connecting the heat pump hot water system to your regular electric tariff instead of the less expensive nightly controlled load tariff the standard electrical hot water heater will have to be linked to. It is generally the case that savings aren’t that great if left on the current tariff structure or you could pay more.

There is a way around this, however, in the event that you’ve already put your home to the tariff for the time of use. By using an external timer or the built-in timer feature in units such as the iStore or Rheem heat pump, you can set your heating system to run during the lowest tariff time of the day. Learn more about the tariff for time-of-use and how to utilize this feature to benefit you by clicking here.

For a detailed explanation on how all types of heat pump hot water systems work see here:

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