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Pricing (Ecogenica 215F only)

Replacement of Outdoor Standard Electric System



Cost of an Additional Tank



Switchboard Upgrade 



Replacement of Outdoor Gas System



Replacement of Solar System (even if solar panels have died)

Not Offered

Not Offered

Replacement of Heat Pump

Not Offered
Not Offered

Relocations (Back to back only)



*All Pricing is all inclusive of required slabs, switchboard upgrade, pickup of old tank, valves. Guaranteed, no extra charge.

We used a combination of rebates to offer the cheapest possible upgrades. 

We also work directly with the manufacturer of the system, which is why we’re able to include all extras and guarantee no extra charge. Not a cent over guaranteed! 

The federal rebate creates Small-Scale Technology Certificates. 

In NSW there is the Energy Saving Scheme which creates Energy Saving Certificates. 

We combine State + Federal incentives to completely pay for your heat pump water system – which are usually priced around $4000-$5000. 

Only if it’s back to back. Refer to pricing table. 

Heat pumps don’t necessarily need to go outside. They just need a lot of ventilation and space to work. 

Currently, we operate only in Greater Sydney and Newcastle. We are slowly rolling out installs in Wollongong and Central coast on a trial basis. 

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$33 heat pump upgrade