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Free Switchboard Upgrades

We recently started offering free switchboard upgrades as part of our services. A question we get a lot is what are the free switchboard upgrades and what do they entail?

So an old switchboard looks like the photo below. It contains ceramic fuses on the left which are very dangerous and are the source of many household fires. In fact, they have been banned from any new installations by the Australian government because they are so dangerous. So when we upgrade your hot water system we are legally required to upgrade the switches that your hot water system uses.

We only upgrade the switches for your hot water system. Not the entireboard. 

An Old Switchboard
A new switchboard with upgraded switches and solar

While other companies charge $330 to $220 for this service, we offer it completely for free! 

We don’t charge for any other extras, like picking up your old tank or providing concrete slabs either.

Here’s a video talking about our free switchboard upgrades: 

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