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Start Saving on Energy Costs!

Upgrade your old Mercury CFL, Incandescent& Halogen to LED Lights

LED Globe Replacement

6.5W only
1000 Lumens
35,000+ hours lifetime
3000K Warm White colou

Outdoor LED Replacement

1150 Lumens
36,000+ hours lifetime
3000K Warm White colour

LED Downlight Replacement

480 Lumens
Up to 50,000 hours lifetime
3000K Warm White colour

Free LED Lighting Installation

  • 100% FREE of charge for both bulbs and installation. Normally costs $499 if you have 30 inefficient light bulbs at home.
  • Your new light bulbs will be just as bright as your old ones, but you’ll save up to 85% on your energy costs. That adds up to $428 per year for an average home.
  • Join the 100% FREE Government Energy Upgrades Program today!
  • Silicon Lighting partners with Accredited Person Lewater P/L to help you upgrade your lighting. Call today!