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LeWater Australia is on a mission to convert 100,000+ unsustainable electric water heating systems to more affordable, efficient, and greener water heating pumps. 

NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) offers financial incentives for installing appliances and equipment that use less energy in NSW homes and businesses. The ESS was created in 2009, under the NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995, and has proven to be extremely efficient. Since its beginning, ESS has funded projects that will result in more than 32,500 gigawatts (GWh) in energy efficiency savings and more than $6.1 billion in bills by 2029.

Save up to 75% on your business electricity usage

The NSW hot water upgrade program presents a cost-saving opportunity for businesses to upgrade their water heating systems. By replacing electric heating systems with energy-efficient heat pumps, businesses can expect to save over $1000 on the cost of a new hot water heater and potentially reduce water heating costs by 75%. This can result in an annual savings of $1230 for an average-sized business. Implementing these upgrades can also improve the energy efficiency of the business and potentially attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Upgrade electric systems for FREE, gas for only $1500.

Now is the time to apply for a no-cost hot-water installation upgrade using the NSW Energy Saving Scheme. upgrade to an efficient and energy-effective hot water system today!

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Why should you upgrade your current hot water system?

Sustainable water. Sustainable wallet.

Save up to 30% your ENERGY BILL

Heat pump water system replacement will save up to 80% over electric systems and are about twice as efficient as gas. Hot water was a large household expense. Not anymore!

Low Operating Noise

Operating at a very low 50 dBA you will hardly know it’s there!

boosted element

The emerald planet system has an element that switches on during the extreme cold, so you never run out of hot water!

Better for the environment

All of our free heat pump hot water system are eligible for government free hot water systems under the NSW government energy saving scheme. 


We Are Here To Give You a Free Heat Pump Hot Water Service Upgrade For Your Home!

Emerald 200L Heat Pump Services LeWater NSW AU

Emerald 205L Heat PUMP

Suitable for households of up to 6 people

Includes Old Tank Removal
Includes installation
7 year tank warranty
5 year whole system warranty
Electric boost
Free Rebate Processing
Best Value
Chromagen 280L Heat Pump Hot Water Installation Services LeWater NSW AU

Chromagen 280L heat pump

Suitable for households of up to 8 people

$4000 $ 219 99*
Includes Old Tank Removal
Includes installation
3 year whole system warranty
5 year tank warranty
Electric boost
Free Rebate Processing
*Pricing applies to the replacement of eligible electric tanks or instantaneous systems.
Surcharge for gas, solar or heat pump: $1500

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Take a look at some of our past jobs!

Check out some of our past jobs and see how heat pump hot water systems could be a good fit for your home. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and we think you’ll be proud of it too!

Why is it so cheap?

All of our  free hot water system replacement are vetted across the NSW Energy saving scheme, Renewable energy target scheme and the Energy grant program for concession holders.  We pass those savings on to you, so the final result is a fraction of what you would normally pay for such a system. The RRP of the free hot water heat pump installed ranges from $5000-$6000. 

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Le Water customer reviews

These are a few of the hot water upgrade reviews we’ve received from our clients. It’s always nice to get feedback, and we love hearing how our clients are happy with their heat pump hot water systems!

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*To qualify for the $0 price, the system must be an outdoor electric resistance system.